Initial Evaluation

During our first session, we will create our treatment plan based on examination findings. This session will typically last between 1 and 1.5 hours. 

Follow Up Sessions

This is any treatment session after our initial evaluation.  These sessions last anywhere between 30-60 minutes.


5-Pack: We offer a package of 5 sessions, at a discounted rate.

10-Pack: We offer a package of 10 sessions, for people that require more care, at a discounted rate.

ACL 12-Pack: ACL Package of 12 sessions, including the Initial Evaluation.

ACL Return-to-Sport: ACL Return to Sport Package of 10 Sessions, including the Initial Evaluation.   

  •     Agility Training
  •     Pertubation Training
  •      Sport Specific Strengthening Program
  •      Plyometrics

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Hire me before surgery!

Surgery can be nerve racking, resulting in undue stress and anxiety.  Managing expectations prior to surgery can help decrease your worries.  Having an advocate that has seen and understands surgical intervention can help to put you at ease.  It can also help to ask questions on your behalf you may be nervous or otherwise unprepared to ask.

A preoperative consultation with your physical therapist can serve for a better understanding of your body prior to surgery and ultimately help restore your tissue to your previous level. The stronger you are before surgery, the better your outcome afterwards!

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