Accepted Insurances

We fully accept and are IN-NETWORK with the following:




Auto Insurance

We are out-of-network and accept most other insurance plans including but not limited to:

Blue Shield

Blue Cross/Blue Shield


United Health Care



Christian Care Ministry

Medicare Advantage PPO Plans

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Out-of-network does not mean increased cost!!

How it works

We collect a fixed dollar amount until you hit your out-of-network deductible.

This often occurs within 3-5 visits for most out-of-network deductibles.

We waive any remaining “balance.”

Once the deductible is hit, we collect a fixed amount, which is similar to the average in-network co-payment/co-insurance.

You get the best care possible!

We work hard to ensure our patients receive quality, individualized care. In order to do this, we do not have any contracts with insurance companies.

Insurance company's can limit a practitioner’s ability to treat a patient on a holistic level by dictating which painful body part can be treated.  Being out-of-network shifts the power of the insurance companies and allows you to receive the care that is necessary, as determined by you and your provider. This model also allows for the physical therapist to solely dedicate his time to the most important person of all: You, the patient.

How About Workers Compensation and Auto?

It is your right to request the provider of your choice for workers compensation claims? Call our office for further assistance on this process.

Our office will be pleased to call all insurance companies to get coverage information and to see if any insurances not listed above may be in our network as well as give you an estimates quote per visit.